What is JDIY?

Having long had the Just Do It phrase in mind, we wanted to combine this with the Do It Yourself.

The club is very much about urging you to “just do it” and get stuck in with things yourself, indeed enabling you to feel confident in working with WordPress and guiding you to make the most of online marketing for your project/business.

You know your business better than anyone. We can guide you with the online marketing tools that can work best for you, and with using WordPress to make it all happen.


Barbara Saul has for many years been helping people with bits and bobs of online marketing, as well as with WordPress. So it’s about time this was made more available to more people. While Babs does not know it all, she’s pretty good at asking different questions which help find solutions. And with having ideas that can offer a different point of view – often useful.

And WordPress – well Babs works with this every day and knows a lot of people who also work with WordPress in all ways possible – developers, designers, contributors – it’s an awesome community and one that Babs thoroughly enjoys by working with the organising team for WordCamp London 2018, speaking at WordCamps, and leading a WordPress meetup in Kent.